Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Starting a new computer

Received a new (very old model) laptop,
BUT its got better specs then my old desktop.
Proves just how really old my desktop is.

In light of my current situation of furnishing the new laptop with the relevant softwares.

I thought it'd be a good idea to share it with you guys and girls.

Adobe Reader

To read the oh-so-universal PDF files.

AVG anti-virus
To keep those nasty viruses out

For downloading ... stuff.

For browsing the web.
*I honestly prefer Opera, but Firefox doesn't have those irritating ads.

Live Messenger/Yahoo Messenger/Google Talk
To keep in-touch with your friends

To keep those malicious spyware out

VLC Player
To play all your videos
*It even plays broken files ^^


To play your music

For zipping and unzipping of your files
*File Compression Software

Good thing about the list is that you can get all of em for free.
Most of them can be found at Download.com

Friday, December 15, 2006

Lightning Crashes

Lightning struck pretty close by the day before yesterday (13/12/006).

Knocked out my access to the internet.
Initially I thought only my network card had fried,
but upon further inspection,
I found out that my modem had partially fried too.

Funny thing.
I can see that it detects the DSL connection but
I can't seem to get it to connect through its ethernet port.

The lightning didn't just knock out my modem and NiC.
It also took out the outside router and even the DVD player.

Of all the expenses I had considered,
natural disasters were one that I overlooked.
It show that you cant really be perfect,
no matter how hard you try.

BUT sometimes ...
just sometimes ...
I believe we do get lucky.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Lamka and the Sexy Bar Girl

Lamka is a very shy guy.
One day he went into a bar
and saw a beautiful woman sitting at the bar.
After an hour of gathering up his courage
he finally went over to her
and asked,
"Would you mind if I buy you a drink?"

She responded by yelling, at the top of her lungs,
"No, I won't sleep with you tonight!"

Everyone in the bar is now staring at them.
Naturally, Lamka was hopelessly dejected
and completely embarrassed
and he sank back to his table.

After a few minutes,
the woman walked over to him and apologized.
She smiled at him and explained,
"I'm sorry if I've embarrassed you.
You see, I'm a graduate student in psychology
and I'm studying how people respond to embarrassing situations."

To which Lamka responded,
at the top of his lungs,
"What do you mean 500 Ringgit?"

p.s. Happy Birthday Najwa !
p.s.s. Happy Birthday Winston !

Saturday, December 02, 2006

World AIDS Day

Watched the Brit Music Awards earlier.
They had really good performances.
Watching some of these preformances,
I realised something.

Unlike the MTV Awards which had
good shows,
the Brit Music Awards had
good performances.

And you can really see the energy,
if you've been in a concert or
played on stage infront of a supporting audience
then you'd know what i'm talking about.

The exchange of energy between
the performer and the audience,
back and forth,
off and on the stage.
Kind of like sex.
(NOT that i'd know anything much about it)

Yes there I said it, sex.
Its not a vulgar word,
but it IS generally considered a taboo subject,
to most people.
(NO i'm not talking about you perverted people I call my friends)

What I DO know about sex is that safe sex is important.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Officially the World AIDS Day is on
the 1st of December.

A few basic things to know about AIDS,
not that my readers don't already know it,
since you're all so smart and shit.
So this is more of a reminder to myself since I tend to be forgetful.

Stands for :
Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)

Stands for :
Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)

HIV causes AIDS.
AIDS is the collection of symptoms.

p.s. Happy Birthday Davina!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Joyce's Get-Together.

Went to Joyce's get together a few days back.25/11/06
Had fun, met up with some old friends,
made some new ones and got to check out a new place.

Somo in Mont Kiara, (next to Coffee Bean)
which is apparently a Japanese Restaurant and Bar.
I saw the bar, but I didn't see the restaurant part.
The place was also kind of small.
All in all it had a nice ambiance to it.

p.s. Happy Birthday Roy!
p.s.s. Happy Birthday Ded!
p.s.s.s. Pics updated.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Casino Royale

Personal Unprofessional Rating : 5/5
Good story-line.
Good acting.
New bond has the walk and the talk , but unfortunately doesn't have the look.
Well thats my opinion.

All in all I enjoyed the movie.
Though I haven't seen all the bond films,
i'd say that Casino Royale is the best so far.

To quote a good friend of mine,
"Bond bad ass gile doh".

OH and how can I forget to mention Eva Green.
She's SOOOOO hot !

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Raya Open Houses

Been to a few raya open houses the past couple of weeks.
Not going to mention any names, cause then some of you might think
"Hey why didn't I get invited ?".
Now that I think of it I probably shouldn't even mention anything about it.

What I can say though is that Saturday was probably one of the worst nights i've had in awhile.

Since i've been especially busy these couple of weeks,
I guess it wasn't that surprising that something gave out.
In this case it was my stomach.

Waking up very early and getting back home very late
finally took a toll on me.

Now usually i'm able to stay up with very little sleep as long as I keep up with proper consumption of food and water.
Somewhere along the way I messed up my cycle of consumption and BAM it hit me.

*Caution, further material might be disgusting*

I puked my guts out. It was like the food that I ate did a 180 on me.
Everything in there had to go and it had to go NOW.
Puked so much and so fast that some of it went out through my nose.

So you can just imagine, trying to blow your nose and puke comes out
and you're constantly smelling puke.
Freaggin disgusting.

Undoubtedly one of the most uncomfortable moments of my life. Not painful, not miserable, not depressing, but uncomfortable.

*End of disgusting material*

I was pretty much T.K.O for remainder of the night and the whole of next day.
Didn't get much sleep cause I kept dreaming of puzzle that kept repeating itself.
It was like 2 teams with the same strength in a tug-of-war,
pulling against each other but not getting anywhere,
so I couldn't really solve the puzzle cause it went in circles,
and it was driving me nuts,

but thankfully after countless hours of waking up in the middle of the morning,
I somehow managed to come up with a way to solve that particular enigma.
or did I? Whatever it is, at least I found my peace.

p.s. Happy Birthday Mei Yan !

Friday, November 17, 2006

Lamka : Wants up on a Time

Once upon a time;
in a macrocosm not far away;
in a time of uncertainty and turmoil;
lived a young boy.

On the outside; this young boy was like any other.
He had a head upon its shoulder to think and perceive;
2 arms to create and destroy;
2 legs to traverse and scour the lands;
and a body that encased his heart and banded all these parts together.

On the inside however; this boy was one of a kind.
It wasn't that he was born with it.
It wasn't that it was forced upon him.
It was what he accepted to be in the end.

This is the story of how he became what he accepted to be ...

p.s. Happy Birthday Ching Leng !

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Lamka and the swimming hero

Last night, in the land known as Zingapohr, an incident took place at a river near where Lamka was adventuring.

What happened was some idiot was trying to show off and declared that he would swim across the Not-so-Great River which spanned roughly a hundred kilometers.
He jumped in and started swimming,
But before he could reach the halfway mark, he started to panic and started to shout for help.

Being typical Zingapohrians, a crowd started to gather to watch and yet no attempt was made by anybody to save that poor chap.

Suddenly there was a splash and the crowd turned to see a guy doing what seemed like a desperate attempt to reach the drowning victim.

BUT it was clear that this hero couldn't swim !

Luckily a small tourist boat filled with tourists was passing by and the operator saw the incident and picked both men from the water.

The crowd soon cheered !

Back on shore, the crowd cheered again as the hero stepped off the boat.

"Steady Lah !"


"Awright, man !"

were among the many congratulations shouted.

The hero looked angry and shouted,

"Ka ni na! Siang too wa loh chui?"
(*translation: "%#@! Who pushed me into the water?")

Heheh read this from somewhere can't really remember.

p.s. Happy Birthday Mervyn !

Monday, November 13, 2006

Huey Yee's Birthday Dinner

Had a birthday dinner gathering at The Magical Theater Restaurant in Sunway.

The place was nice, quite well decorated.
The tables were marked by cards from a deck.
We had the privilege of sitting at the Ace of Spades table : )

Most of the guys and birthday girl.

Most of the girls.

The group.

So after the cake cutting and present .. er ... presenting.
AND after everyone had already eaten their cakes,
we hit a small snag in a what have been a smooth evening.
There was only one piece of cake left !
After a wonderful dinner AND a piece of cake, none of us wanted to finish off the last piece.
*though I did suspect that Mr. J secretly wanted it.

So without any hesitation, CC proposed that we play a game to settle this problem.
Now, this is the same CC which proposed the Risk game a couple of months back.

The game was quite simple.
Everyone was to show a number between 0 to 5 with their hands.
The numbers were sum-ed up and beginning from the birthday girl
a counter would start clockwise around the table till it reached that number.
Now the unlucky person to have that number land on him/her would have to swallow the cake in one go.

Lucky guy.

Anyway, there we were about ready to leave, and thinking the only 'magical' thing that night was BY's cake disappearing trick, when suddenly a guy in a coat comes up to the table.

Ah, so there was a magician in the house.
Now after watching The Prestige awhile back, I was actually intrigued and was looking forward to see if I can figure out the tricks.

The first trick if I remembered correctly was the balls trick.
Basically transporting the ball in his hand to the hand of the audience.
I could theorize how he did the pledge and the prestige but I wasn't able to figure out the turn of this trick.

Magician : Now hold my balls tightly, ah, not too tight.

Magician : Tada ! My balls ... my red balls.

Then there was the "pull your card out of the deck" trick.
You know the the "choose a card any card" trick.
I was picked as the card picker,
I believe I was picked because I made such a racket trying to figure out the trick.
I mean seriously, I was behaving like a child.
Well at least I think I was.
So I think the magician let me pick the card to shut me up.
Which kind of worked ... for awhile.

See ! Its the 10 of diamonds. I'm so glad I can count that high.

For this trick, I figured you need really really fast hands.
He even did the "float your card to the top of the deck" trick which was pretty cool.

On a side note, I have to say that that night was officially my "Chicken-wuss moment #2".
Why ? Oh the same reasons as always.
OMG she was so darn CUTE!
The bad thing about this time is that i'm not so worked up about it.
Which I don't think is such a good thing.
She was really really really cute !
All in all I had a really good time and would like to thank the people who arranged such a wonderful evening.

p.s. Happy Birthday Huey Yee !

Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Prestige

Personal Unprofessional Rating : 5/5
Good story-line.
Good acting.
Love the plot twists, though they could've done it a little better.
But then again a little better and it would probably be overkill for most people.

Went home with an uneasy feeling after watching the show,
literally had that uneasy feeling at the pit of my stomach.

p.s. Happy Birthday Michelle !

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Purdey's Birthday Dinner

Had a birthday dinner gathering at Purdey's House. (30/10/2006)


It was cool, manage to catch up with many friends whom of which I haven't seen for awhile.
We had huge rombongan/tour guide around the house
and I have to say that SOMEONES room is PINK !
and there were plushie toys !

p.s. Happy Birthday Purdey!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Hari Raya 2006

Pretty much the same as last year.


Ok, had tons of fun and tons of food and visited places.

Can't really say much about it.

Doubt there were many (or any for that matter) pics of me.

This raya kind of felt like it was rushed for some reason.

*PICS COMING SOON (if there is any)*

p.s. Happy Birthday Rish!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Erwan's Birthday Surprise

Had a surprise birthday buka puasa gathering at this new place called Naili's.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Birthday Boy

Buffet spread was quite good.
Nothing special, but for RM35 (i think) it was reasonable.
Good ambiance.
The place has really nice sections.
A hall like section where you can join the tables and have a large group.
A "outdoor" section where you can chill out and have drinks and snacks.
and a few "pondok" like sections , where i'm assuming would be great for couples.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The Gang.

p.s. Happy Birthday Erwan !

Monday, October 16, 2006

Application - New PC

Application Form

Why ?

1.Cause I i'm unable to install the newer games.
2.Neverwinter Nights 2 is coming out.
3.Supreme Commander is coming out.
4.Running out of Hard Disk space (hmm wonder why) pr0n!

What ?

1. Customized PC - RM 4304 (Rough estimation)

ATHLON AM2 X2 3800+ 2.0GHz
19" LG 1952S
D-LINK 10 / 100 T-BASE / PCI


2. Dell Dimension 9200 - RM 4199 (inclusive of RM400 Rebate + Printer)

When ?

Soon, like right after NWN2 come out or maybe right before.

Where ?

Behind some dodgy dark alley somewhere.

How ?

Money well earned.

Why not ?

Well with the recent (or not so recent) acquisition of ATI Technologies Inc. by AMD, AMD has plans to create a new class of x86 processor that integrates both the CPU and GPU together.
The offset is that the first Fussion processors would only be out late of 2008/early 2009.

SO thats gonna be another 2-3 years of waiting.

BUT then I pondered on it some more and thought,

"Heck it, i'll just upgrade it later if and when it comes out la".

Simple : )
Don't know why this was a problem in the first place.

Of course I still haven't decided on whether I should get the Dell or a customised PC
or if i'm getting one at all.

*Adjusted and corrected some specs and quotations.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Dj Buka Puasa 2006

Had buka puasa gathering at Friendster Cafe.

My side of the table

Then some of us went to McD's for some desert.

The other only pic I could find with me in it.

A photo I took.

Seriously thinking of getting a camera of my own.
Why ? ... 2 words.

Ryoko Hirosue

Saw her in Love Collage a.k.a Collage of our Days.
And it was recently brought to my attention (by window guy)
that she was the same cute girl that acted in Wasabi.

From what I remember, the movie was AWSOME!
So, pending a re-watch i'd give it a
5/5 on the Personal Unprofesional Rating (P.U.R.) scale.

p.s. Happy Birthday Bae !

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

CherryPoP - Chinese Wedding

My first chinese wedding.
It was awsome, had so much fun
and I only knew one friend there.

Favourite dish : Chinese Pancake
Favourite song : When one of the uncles started singing Pan Yao
Favourite moment : Speech before the final "yam seng"
Favourite reason to go to another wedding : CHIQUES !
Uncle : I've been friends with the father of the bride for a long time now,
and although he has a beautiful wife, lovely children and a happy life
there is one thing that has been somewhat of a void in his life.

He has come up to me before saying that when he looks around at his peers
he sees that most of them already have grandchildren and
wondered if he too will one day see grandkids of his own.

So friend, this is for you.
May you be able to sleep next to a grandmother soon.

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam Seng !

Huh, now that i've read back what I wrote, the speech didn't sound funny at all.
Infact its kind of sweet.
But it sure was darn hilarious when I heard it at the wedding.

Also the fact that there were many pretty ladies wearing pretty dresses,
might have contributed to the jolly good time I had ^^.

p.s. Happy Birthday Thomas !

Monday, October 09, 2006

Soo Yee's Birthday Dinner

Had a birthday dinner gathering at San Francisco Steakhouse.

My side of the table

Other side of the table

The only pic I could find with me in it.

The other only pic I could find with me in it.

Had pretty much everything a party should have (besides booze (cause I don't drink));
4.and lip gloss smeared all over you ^^

ended up smelling like a girl for the remainder of the night.

A little about the place itself,
the service was ok,
the food was alright (though I was hungry, so I could be bias here)
but the place looked a little tacky for a steakhouse.

p.s. thanks lok for the pics and thanks kev for planning the dinner and not forgetting to invite me along : )

p.s.s My shoulder hurts : (

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Chicken-wuss moment 1

I should really freaggin' listen to that little voice inside my head and stop playing it safe.

Blew a perfectly well placed chance.

Things don't get much more "indirectly and subtly" clearer than that.
CERTIFIED chicken-wuss !

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Lamka and the Ran People

Once upon a time there was a little boy named Lamka.
He lived in city called PyJamas in a planet called Mya.

So one day Lamka and his grandfather decided to start a trade bazaar in the capital city of his planet called Kelle.
Lamka and his grandfather enlisted a scholar that was travelling by to help out at this bazaar.
The scholars task which was to inform nearby villages about the bazaar failed miserably.
On top of that, the scholar associated himself with a badly reputed poet which made other poets boy cott the bazaar.

Even though there were many upsets during the bazaar, the overall outcome was quite well.
Because in this trade bazaar, Lamka met a few strange aliens from another planet.
These aliens seemed to be of an advanced race.
Their ability in construction is ahead of any that Lamka have seen.
Upon further discussion Lamka found out that the Ran people have come to his planet bringing a new medical breakthrough drug and would like to share it with the people of Lamka's planet.
Knowing very well that Lamka's planet has been plagued by this uncurable disease, he set out to help the Ran people meet various key people of his planet.

The problem however, was that the Ran people could not survive long in Lamka's planet. This is due to the different atmosphere that the Ran people are accustomed to.
So it was basically a race against time.
Firstly Lamka brought the Ran people to meet the ex-Supreme Ruler of the World to seek advice on how to go about doing things and partly to pay respects, you know being in another persons planet you should have the courtesy of saying hello.
The very short notice meeting was only possible because Lamka's grandfather and the ex-Supreme Ruler of the World are good friends.

The next morning Lamka's grandfather was kind enough to introduce the Ran people to the head Shaman of the world whom ministers to the health needs of the people of this planet.
Soon after that meeting, Lamka brought the Ran people to see the mayor of Lamka's city.
The Mayor of PyJamas was a very friendly guy, spent some time with the Ran people disscussing the weather, eating habits and comparing political structures of the 2 planets.
Later in the evening Lamka brought the Ran People to see the Mayor of Mya's capital city, the city of Kelle.
Now as expected, the Mayor of Kelle was very busy, and the Ran people only had time for a courtesy call. In the short session, the Mayor of Kelle was kind enough to refer the Ran people to his head of departments whom might have more time to thoroughly listen to what the Ran people has to offer.

As the day ended, so did the Ran people's stay in Mya.
Though they part ways for now, many key people of Mya are aware of Rans medicine and the Ran people will still keep in touch with the people of Mya through spacE-mail.
Hopefully there will come a day where the Ran people will be able to share their knowledge and experience with the people of Mya and vice versa.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Tech Ed 2006

So yeah, there I was in KLCC (KL Convention Centre) volunteering for MS's Tech Ed 2006.

It was surprisingly fun, the event I was in-charge off (in other words "kuli"-ing for) was called True-to-Life Halo.
So you get some toy guns and helmets and shoot eachother.
Its basically like paintball but without the paint ... and the pain.

The highlight of the event (to me) would have to be Daphne Iking.
Daphne who you say ?
Well she's a Malaysian Actress very hot Malaysian Actress.
NTv7's Breakfast Show and KL Lights, I think.
*side note : she's getting married next year.So that means she's engaged.

After all the dirty work, the crew gathered in the grand ballroom and chilled.
We got to play Halo on a local area network of erm ... 40 PC's I think.
Didn't exactly kick @$$ in the game, got 3rd placing on average but then again Halo isn't a game I play often or at all.

Since the "specially reserved room" for our stuff (bags and shite) were locked, during most of the whole event, pictures were only taken after most of the events were done.

Pics courtesy of SmashpOp

p.s. I need a haircut.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

S'kali - The Movie

Release Date:
14th of September 2006

Cineleisure Damansara (Cathay Cineplex Damansara)

Running Time:
90 mins

Arivind Abraham

Produced by :
Asa’ad Entertainment (Executive Producers) &
Perantauan Pictures (Associate Producers)


Five friends who are about to graduate from secondary school confront obstacles in love, life and friendship.
A coming-of-age story that relates the various Malaysian experiences, touching upon contemporary socio-political issues faced by the young in Kuala Lumpur.

Ok, so lets have a
"rombongan bersama-sama menonton wayang"
sometime next week when it comes out.

From what I gathered, the venue will let the movie run like a normal film at normal price, for two weeks.
Pending on the response, they might extend the it for a few more weeks.

p.s. Happy Birthday Natasha.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Camping Trip ! (SY's Fruit Farm) Round-up

So a few things to keep in mind when and before camping.
Not that you have to obey them, but I find that it helps if these few things were kept.

1. Keep your nails short
2. Keep your hair short (for guys)
3. Bring some rope or rafia string
4. Bring a machate or a combat knife . . . or 2
5. Bring a proper first aid kit
6. Bring a plastic bag to seperate your dirty clothes in
7. Bring chop sticks or fork and spoon
8. Bring a lighter
9. Bring some salt
10.Bring some garbage bags to bring back the garbage you came in with
11.Bring sulfur (never really used it myself, but i've seen the difference)
12.Bring someone who knows how to camp

and last but not least,

13.Bring your own "gawd daimn" waterproof shorts*
*cause not all of you are so lucky to have friends like mine : p

Note : This is only a simple list I came up with. There are other things you should also bring along, like clothes for instance. So don't take it too seriously.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Camping Trip ! (SY's Fruit Farm) Pt.3

Sunday, dawn (20th August 2006)

I was still playing keeping the fire going when it started to get brighter,
though I couldn't see the sun rise, I could tell that it was as the sky's shade of grey started to turn light blue.
Like a light dimmer slowly turning, morning came.
As people started waking up, I dove back to my own section of hard and uneven ground to catch a short cat nap before starting the day.

Sunday, morning (20th August 2006)

Woke again just in time to cook breakfast.

- Menu -
Scrambled eggs with onions and maggi seasoning
Bread with tuna in a can
Crab stick on a stick

Not as extravagant as dinner, but that's probably because most of us were already lazy.
Packed up what other food we had left(that we didn't manage/were too lazy to cook ) and passed it to the farmers that were staying there.

After dropping off the food we bumped into SY's father and he told us to get ready to trek.
Honestly, I didn't want to do anything anymore at that time.
All I wanted was just to get home and shower, since we didn't really get to shower properly here in the jungle.

||There were no use of any soap or shampoo through out camp and we didn't even use any form of detergent to wash the utensils and canteens.
This is because the fruit farm we were in is next to a forest reserve so we tried our best not to
pollute mother nature.
I personally would like to have my children have the option of going camping into a jungle and swim in its clean rivers.||
So back at the camp we packed up abit more before leaving on the trek.
We all squeezed into the 4x4 again and were brought some distance up the hill through even more bumpy roads.
We reached a place where the trail ended and started walking from there on.
On the way up on foot, we each carried up with us 2 oil palm trees that were to be planted on this mountain.
The farmers started digging holes for the trees and planted them as we moved up the mountain
Dig hole.
Place tree.
Put fertilizer.
Close hole.

SY's father told us that this is a very good farming practice.
This way the fertilizer won't go all over the place and disrupt the environment when it rains.
I applaud his eco-friendly precautions, its something not many people do now-adays.
Its sad how most humans are so short sighted.
Like the freaggin' haze we get from "people" who practice open burning.
Hmmm kind of hypocritical saying that after having such a nice time with fire last night.

Favian, also having to carry 2 of the trees insisted on naming them and volunteered to personally plant one of them.
Hehe Julian planted a tree too (though he didn't exactly volunteered).

Sunday, afternoon - i think (20th August 2006)

We got back to the campsite and SY's father told us that he wants to show us a waterfall we haven't seen.
Again, I didn't feel like doing anything and just wanted to go home.

So we started off,
first trekking across a river where on the other side was this huge durian tree which had TONS of durians hanging from above.
Here about 40 feet above us were maybe 3-5 dozen potential missiles.
It was really a sight to behold albeit a little scary.

After crossing the river and passing the durian tree we headed up a mountain on a narrow trail for awhile.
It was really bad (for me at least) undergrowth was everywhere things were poking, scratching and tugging.
Then the "excellent" part came, we had to descend down a steep almost vertical incline THROUGH foliage.
Haha I was literally doing tarzan shit.
Grabbing unto trees, hanging off one vine then jumping to catch another.

At the bottom we were greeted by another river.
This time our route took us trekking down the river,
the rocks in the river were slippery (running water made them smooth),
the rocks above the river were slippery (due to green stuff on them),
we even body rafted down at one point of the river.

We ended up at one of the rivers that were near the campsite,
and after chilling for awhile we went back to pack up the remainder of the stuff and headed back home.

All in all, I was glad I did then things I was too lazy to do initially.
The trek up the mountain was beautiful and I really enjoyed the trek through the river.
Probably the most adventurous adventure i've had to date.
It definitely goes up there along with the Mount K trip.

If someone were to ask me if i'd do it again, i'd think twice, but i'd definitely be up for it.

- End of part 3 -

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Camping Trip ! (SY's Fruit Farm) Pt.2

Saturday, late evening (19th August 2006)

I've lost track of time by now, though it would just be a simple task of reaching for my phone and looking at it, it dawned upon me that it didn't really matter.
Time took an extremely less of an important role in my life at that point.
The only thing that I had to worry about was when was it going to get dark.
Cause by then everyone should be back at the camp and already having dinner.

Its not exactly safe to be out in the dark in the middle of a jungle, there were tigers and wildboars in the area.
Though animals generally don't come into contact with us noisy and destructive humans, it was best not to take chances.

Anyway, by this time the camp was already up and running, and most of the guys were chilling by the river.
Julian on the other hand, decided to build a freaggin table.
A FREAGGIN' TABLE . . . . T - A - B - L - E.

Initially I thought this guy must be crazy, working on building something with limited tools in this hot weather, not thinking much, I decided to help him out anyway.
So what we had were, bamboo, raffia string and 2 parangs (machete).

So we split our work up,
Julian was doing the 4 legs of the table while I worked on the table top.
Favian was there as well and he helped me out by cutting bamboo for the table top.
So there we were sweating bullets chopping and tying up bamboo.
SY came in after awhile and helped us out by chopping the bamboo in half for the table top.
See this way, we only needed 1/2 of the span of the table in bamboo for the table top, means less work and less work means happier lazy guy.

I'm not quite sure you people were interested in the architecture of our table so I didn't post it up.
Towards the later stages of building the table, Johnny came by and helped me tie off one side of the table top while I did the other,
soon after the table was done.

And then there it was, looking down on the table was the feeling of acomplishment.
Here before me was a beautifully crafted table that I helped build from scratch out of bamboo and raffia.

Saturday, night (19th August 2006)

The fire was up by now and first batch of the food were already being cooked.
Table was a BIG, naye, HUMONGOUS help.
I could just imagine doing the food preperations or dining on the floor and half-way breaking my back.
Oh how I doubted thy wisdom, for an act of madness twas really an act of genius.

- Menu -
Roasted fish with maggi seasoning and planta wrapped in banana leaf
BBQ-ed chicken with maggi seasoning
Grilled beef burger with maggi seasoning
Grilled sausages with maggi seasoning
Roasted fishball on a stick
Roasted crab meat stick on a stick*

*Lazy guys favourite

Dinner was good, we had alot to eat,
oh and the fish were caught by SY, Favian and Yoong.
They managed to catch 3 considerably big fishes.
HOW they managed to catch the fish was another story.
Lets just say that the fish didn't come to them.

After dinner we all chilled and played some cards.
It got irritating after awhile having to use the torch lights to check what cards you have every so often.
Cause it was REALLY dark.
I mean yeah you could see the stars but anything eye level is pitch black.
So black the night sky looked grey.

It was not long before everybody started dozing off.
All nice and comfy on an uneven ground with rocks jutting out here and there with little padding in between.
Wish I could say it was therapeautic but the ache I got when I got back on Monday proved otherwise.

Sometime through the night I got up.
It was unbelievably cold and I was shivering.
Upon a short inspection of my surroundings, I saw that a few of us had expected this cold night and were already wearing their jackets or windbreakers.
"Darn", I thought.

Anyway, I found out that I wasn't the only one awake that night,
By the campfire, Favian was keeping the fire up through the night.
He told me that he has been waking up once in awhile to keep the fire burning.
So being a good samaritan and all, i'd thought i'd take over and let him sleep, since I couldn't.

There I was playing with fire, something you don't get to do often or at all back in the city.
It literally had SO much fun, trying to keep the fire up while trying to control the amount and the movement of the smoke that it produced so that it didn't flow into the tent.

It wasn't very windy that night, so I could control the general direction of the smoke by the way the fire was burning.
I contemplated on the amount of firewood we had left, so tried my best to keep the fire burning as efficiently as possible.
But what I soon found out was that less fire means more smoke on the count that the wood wasn't burning properly (also because the firewood wasn't exactly dry) and more fire means less firewood.

Out of sheer boredom (and maybe because of a little adrenaline) I started making really wierd campfire builds to see how efficient I could keep the fire going.
One of the coolest achievements I made that night was the "flamethrower".
Its basically a low-tech blow torch, where the fire is directed outwards out of a make-shift funnel.
Ok ok, so it can't really throw flames or weld iron together, but it was really something, though I didn't take any pictures of it, you're just going to have to take my word for it.
It was freaggin' cool la ok.

- End of part 2 -

Monday, August 21, 2006

Camping Trip ! (SY's Fruit Farm) Pt.1

Saturday, early morning (19th August 2006)

Departed for breakfast at around 6 a.m. ,
Went and had dim sum nearby and man did the dim sum smell nice.
Too bad I couldn't have any, but the gang was nice enough to set up another breakfast session at a mamak place in DJ so I had my breakfast there.

So after a hot cup of milo, roti pisang and maggi goreng we set off on our journey to the campsite.
Journey took about 2 hours, of which I was asleep for most of the trip,
but I did wake up once in a while to see us passing through mountains.

Saturday, late morning (19th August 2006)

We stopped at a nearby town to wait for the second car before heading into the camp area.
It was a small town, about 10 minute walk from one end to the other.
There were multiple old school "kedai runcit" (grocery stores),
you know, the ones you used to visit when you were a kid (if you were around my age).

The thing I didn't notice at first was how the towns folk were looking at us.
Not until a friend of mine mentioned it and after some thought.
It kind of felt like one of those movies where a group of teenagers stop by a nearby town before going into the jungle, and the towns people were looking at them like they were going to die, then shit happens to them throughout the rest of the movie.
Yeah kind of like that for awhile but without the dying part of course.

It wasn't too long before the second group came and we were off towards the campsite.
We stoped by a nearby house to park one of the cars and were all squeezed in the 4x4.
The journey into the farm area was very interesting and VERY bumpy.
It was like how Jim Carrey was acting in Ace Ventura 2 on that straight road . . . literally.
As we made our way through the narrow road SY started pointing out the different kinds of fruit trees he had.

Heheh we even picked up fuits that we saw on the way in. Now THAT was cool.
Like shopping at the supermarket, but rather than taking fruits of the shelf, you pick them off the trees.
And rather than putting the ones you pick in a trolley, you hold on to them with your barehands.
Hahah I officially CANNOT hold durian with my barehands.

Saturday, evening (19th August 2006)

Once we reached near our camp-area-to-be, we met up with one of the farmers and he helped us open up the durian.
Soon after the TEAM went into gear.
Surveying the immediate vaccinity for a suitable campsite,
collecting firewood, chopping some buluh (bamboo) and setting up the tent or what I now like to call a bivouac.

Jason and I had the duty of setting up the kitchen,
We ended up with 2 kitchen,
one for the grill - [which consisted of a hole, kasa dawai and rocks to hold the grill down]
and the other to panggang (roast) stuff - [3 halves of a bamboo, 2 in the form of an X on one side and one more jutting out straight off the ground to rest the stick on].

- End of part 1 -

Wanted to wait for the pics first, but I thought there were already too much time between this and the last post.
So as usual, pics will be updated later.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Small do at Lisa's

Lisa held a small gathering at her place,
mostly from our badminton group.

She had TONS of food, and man there was alot.

Almost didn't have space for desert ...
hehe but then again theres ALWAYS space for desert.

Chilled, ate, cracked ridiculous jokes (hehe), ate, discussed world economics (haha), ate summore.

All good, but the best part was when a few of us opened up Risk!.
Yeah Risk! - The Board Game !

Wohoo ... hahaha apparently someone said something like,

CC: Hey man lets play Risk!.
Man: What ? Who's there ?
AK: Aww man, that'd be so cool. Its been a long time since i've played it.
Man: Huh ? You talking to me?
AL: Man, that shit is going to take all night and the whole day tomorrow.
Man: WTF ?! Stop calling my name !
CC: No, no. It'll be shorter if we use mission cards.

AK: Oh yeah mission cards. Good idea.

*AK reached home at 4am in the morning ... or was it 5am.
I don't really remember.

Group Picture !

Not so group picture !

Oh yeah and playing Risk! ,
has reminded me of my life long plan to take over the world.
Wonder if its still not too late ...

p.s. Pics updated @ http://iam2lazy.blogspot.com/2006/05/dinner-at-de-italiano-place.html

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Gathering at Rishy's

Rishy had a small gathering at his place.
Friends from college and work place.
His work place.
The MICROSOFT work place.
Meaning there were going to be MICROSOFT people.
Gonna be interesting.


SO yeah the party was awesome,
there was the 360,
huge arse LCD Monitor
and wicked sound system playing.

Microsoft XBox 360

Of course all that was in the living room ...
the front end of the house.
Where all the MICROSOFT people were hanging out.

In "the back" however, Bae brought over his MacBook.
Hahahaha kind of dangerous if you ask me ...
its like bringing a -will insert funny and witty metaphor in the near future ... maybe -

While in "the back",

Bae explains all the cool shite the MacBook could do,
Bae: Yeah it has this mechanism that detects if its falling.
AK: Yeah, yeah so that it'll stop the HD from crashing.
JC: oOOoh, lets test it!
AK: ...
Bae: Jimmy ... stay away from my Mac.

He then takes puts the Mac safely into the MacBook-bag.
JC: oOOoh,
Bae: No.
JC: that looks fireproof.
Bae: No, Jimmy.
JC: Lets test it !
Bae: No! ... well alright, maybe after I get a cooler looking one ^^

OH OH and brownies !
Oh man ...
they were almost "mystical" without it being actually "mystical",
t'was like magical without being mystical if you know what I mean.

Well i'm sure SOME of you do, hehehe. *nudge* *nudge*

Hey wait a tick ...
for all I know they could very well BE "mystical" brownies.
(don't worry sira, your brownies are still the best.)

Well in the end, I met some of the MICROSOFT people and
they turned out to be normal human beings after all ...
huh who would've thought.
Heck on of them even brought an IPod.

Had a good time in the end and met wonderful people.
Oh and got to play the XBox 360, hahaha which was hilarious.

Heheh I guess
its not the much of the game that matters much
but more of the people you play it with.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

World Cup Fun

picture from http://news.bbc.co.uk/

*Note: This whole conversation took place while watching the 2006 World Cup match between England and Portugal.
**Note: everyone there knew that it was an ENGLAND vs PORTUGAL match.
***Note: don't really remember who said what, so the characters were assigned totally random letters.
****Note: Above is a picture of Wayne Rooney on Ricardo Carvalho.

Ke: Hahah look, that guys name is Simão.
(looks at the red jersey portugal player)
Hu: Hahaha See-ma-O.
Je: Whats that funny sign on the ã ?
Ke: Different pronounciation I guess.
Hu: Hahaha See-mae-O.

Hu: Woah that guy is tall.
(looks at the white jersey england player)
Ke: Hahah yeah, look at him loom over everyone.
AK: How tall is Crouch ah ?
Ch: 6 foot 7.
Pe: Haha Crouch is another funny name.

Se: So what does the G stand for ?
(looks at the white jersey england player)
Ch: Gary.
Se: Oh, so his full name is Gary Neville.
Ch: Yeah.

Se: So whats Tiago's full name ?
(looks at the red jersey portugal player)
Ch: THAT is a good question ... I don't know.
Se: But Tiago is his last name right ?
Ch: Should be.
Al: Actually it depends, where is Tiago from ?

Hehehe good times, good times.

Sunday, June 18, 2006


What ?

RSS 2.0 = Really Simple Syndication
Basically its a format for a family of "web feed" (a document which contains summaries of a particular blog or news website for example).

Where ?

erm ... on the internet ... I guess.

When ?

First version came out in March 1999.

Why ?

Well my theory is that some lazy genius out there was too lazy to hit F5 on his/her favourite pr()n educational website for new updates.
With RSS that lazy genius could just sit back and wait for the feeds to come.
Not saying that I know the creator of RSS or anything, its just my theory.

How ?

Hmm, well what I do is simply click on the RSS button in the address bar when i'm on the page that I want to subscribe to.
Looks like .
Found on the end of the address bar, all the way to the right.

It shouldn't be a problem if you're using Opera or Firefox (the 2 web browsers i've used RSS with).
If you don't have either one then I suggest you download them, cause apparently you have to download an extra software/plug-in for you to use RSS
But fret not, cause I believe most of the newer versions of web browsers already have them in-built.

Other notes.

Theres this other web feed format called Atom.
From what I have briefly read through, its something after RSS 2.0.
Its an open standard unlike RSS 2.0 and was created because there were some issues of deficiencies in RSS 2.0.
Too lazy to read in detail about it.

Friday, June 09, 2006

The wedding day

The bride and groom

Bride and Groom

Bride and Groom Dance

The flower girls

Flower Girls

The flower guy

Flower Guy

The band

From the Top
2nd Guitarist behind the bassist

Bassis, Vocalist and Guitarist


The food

Theres gramps, chilling with the band

OH! I was again the "pokok mangga" bearer.
Kind of like a thing for me, cause weirdly enough i've been the bearer of the "pokok mangga" for all the weddings I was a part of.

Wanted to wait for the better quality pictures before posting this up but I felt that it might be too long of a wait, so I posted it up anyway.
Also the fact that most of the after-wedding-party pics were on the official camera.
Hehehe which I believe was another whole shindig by itself.

p.s. Congratulations Ayah Chik !