Sunday, June 18, 2006


What ?

RSS 2.0 = Really Simple Syndication
Basically its a format for a family of "web feed" (a document which contains summaries of a particular blog or news website for example).

Where ?

erm ... on the internet ... I guess.

When ?

First version came out in March 1999.

Why ?

Well my theory is that some lazy genius out there was too lazy to hit F5 on his/her favourite pr()n educational website for new updates.
With RSS that lazy genius could just sit back and wait for the feeds to come.
Not saying that I know the creator of RSS or anything, its just my theory.

How ?

Hmm, well what I do is simply click on the RSS button in the address bar when i'm on the page that I want to subscribe to.
Looks like .
Found on the end of the address bar, all the way to the right.

It shouldn't be a problem if you're using Opera or Firefox (the 2 web browsers i've used RSS with).
If you don't have either one then I suggest you download them, cause apparently you have to download an extra software/plug-in for you to use RSS
But fret not, cause I believe most of the newer versions of web browsers already have them in-built.

Other notes.

Theres this other web feed format called Atom.
From what I have briefly read through, its something after RSS 2.0.
Its an open standard unlike RSS 2.0 and was created because there were some issues of deficiencies in RSS 2.0.
Too lazy to read in detail about it.

Friday, June 09, 2006

The wedding day

The bride and groom

Bride and Groom

Bride and Groom Dance

The flower girls

Flower Girls

The flower guy

Flower Guy

The band

From the Top
2nd Guitarist behind the bassist

Bassis, Vocalist and Guitarist


The food

Theres gramps, chilling with the band

OH! I was again the "pokok mangga" bearer.
Kind of like a thing for me, cause weirdly enough i've been the bearer of the "pokok mangga" for all the weddings I was a part of.

Wanted to wait for the better quality pictures before posting this up but I felt that it might be too long of a wait, so I posted it up anyway.
Also the fact that most of the after-wedding-party pics were on the official camera.
Hehehe which I believe was another whole shindig by itself.

p.s. Congratulations Ayah Chik !

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Wedding Jam 2 through 4

2nd wedding jamming/practice session.
I think I got the 311 songs down.

Now its down to sharpening the Micheal Buble's and Bobby Caldwell's songs.
A song from the original list; Fly me to the moon by Frank Sinatra was revived on the count of an aunty who wanted to sing at the wedding.
Thankfully the chords were pretty straight forward.

3rd wedding jamming/practice session.
Same ol' thing

Beginning to get sick of the songs already, which is really a good sign ... really.
The wedding co-ordinator came by to check the band out.
Hahah some of us (yes including me) (actually especially me) got so nervous that we messed up here and there.
It was better after awhile once we got used to our new guest.

4th wedding jamming/practice session.
Pretty much the last session before the wedding.
Planned out the order of the songs, timed ourselves and did "dress rehearsels".
Heheh not bad, its only going to be infront of about 200++ over people whom 3/4 are strangers.
So no pressure, its only the last session before THE big day.

the small amp packs quite a punch.

from the outside

white green white white ...

... pink !

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Wedding Jam 1

1st wedding jamming/practice session.
Nice nice, as in our number of songs were cut down to 7 ^^

Micheal Buble - Save the last dance, Sway
Innuendo - Belaian Jiwa
Manbai - Kau Ilhamku
311 - Amber, Love Song
Bobby Caldwell - What you won't do for love

Learned all the songs that night and was thankful that I didn't have to really play all of them,
(only needed to really know 5 of em)
which was another plus of course ^^

Had a little trouble with the full chords at first
cause i'm used to playing songs with either open chords or power chords
(which in my opinion; are a whole lot easier to use) .

All in all it was good, especially the 'goreng' session the bassis had with the drummer.
Hahah forgot how fun this was.

p.s. Happy Birthday Jas !