Friday, January 19, 2007

Lamka and the 2 strangers

Lamka: They were very nice people. Even though we were strangers, we seemed to get along well.
Grandpa: You will have to learn someday that nothing is as it seems.
Lamka: Wait, I already know that lesson.

Grandpa : Do you ?
Lamka : Yes, i've learned to see past the smoke and water.
Grandpa : Then you should be aware that those 2 were from a Special Branch of the City Guards.
Lamka : Woow ... those 2 ? No way. Wait a minute ... How do YOU know ?
Grandpa : I just do. But worry not young one. They mean no harm.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Late new years wish.

Ok lets see ... Happy new year everyone.
Thanks for all the happy new year wishes and sms.

Kind of sad when,

Dad: Hmmm 49 unread messages, must be happy new year wishes.
Cas: *thinks back* Crap, I only received 4. And the last 2 were from the same person.
Dad: Yeah, kind of shows doesn't it.
Cas: -.-

Very happy when,

Received 2 sms from 2 beautiful ladies then next day.

So in my world,
2 sms from beautiful ladies pwns 49 sms ^^

p.s. Happy Birthday Abbas!