Monday, May 29, 2006

Family Meeting

Yeah since an uncle of mine is getting married soon,
the family decided to brief us all on some stuff
(hahah sounds cool, "the family")

One of the itenararies were about the music.
Since there were a few musicians in the family,
it was decided that there would be a band,
consisting of most the cousins.

"Oh great", I thought.
I haven't been playing the guitar in awhile,
so its gonna take some time to get back on the bike.

The songs that were set (after much discussion) (well not really)

Micheal Buble - Save the last dance, Sway

Frank Sinatra - Fly me to the moon

Sheila Majid - Dia, Sinaran

Innuendo - Belaian Jiwa

Manbai - Kau Ilhamku

GSC - Senyuman Ragamu (KIV)

311 - Amber, Love Song

James Brown - Play That Funky Music

Doobie Brothers - Long Train Running

What would i do for love <-- no idea by whom

"Wow", I thought.
How the heck am I going to remember all these ?

LOL then I thought again ...
Oh man ! Just how cool it would playing all these ...
in my baju melayu !


Shitzer, I got a feeling its gonna be one of those kodak moments.

p.s. Happy birthday May Yee !

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Dinner at de Italiano Place

Had dinner at Italianese yesterday.
With a ma badminton group of friends,
had loads of fun in a civil manner of course,
well at least till the end part though,
cause then it was just blatant humour with the camera all the way
: D

The occasion ?
To celebrate Alex's birthday.

The Girls

The guys

*There were actually more people that the ones in the picture, but our cameraman has yet to post up the group pic, but no worries i'm sure it'll come ... within the next decade or so : p

Crazy crazy night.
I believe I took a step forward that night.
A step closer to remembering who I really was.
Cause unlike some, i'm not quite proud of who I really am right now.
Its been like this for quite sometime though.
But maybe, just maybe ... not for much longer.

p.s. Happy birthday Azmir !

Saturday, May 27, 2006

- Milestone -

A mere bookmark in time.
Important to some,
a mere moment to the rest.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Getting them gears cracking

The progress of the project i'm handling is going well comparatively.
Kind of glad that its actually moving.
Should be able to reach my personal deadline.

The new supervisor i'm assigned to right now is a whole lot better than the previous one.
At least this one actually shows some supervision and knows what is going on.
The constructive feedback i'm getting is a breath of fresh air compared to the
"Yeah yeah, can can. No problem. Go ahead." or the
"Where to start ? Well just start at the beginning."
bullshite nonsense idiotic statements I used to get.
Plus the new one actually takes the time to reply my emails.


Yeah well anyway, on a brighter note;
My old mans birthday was today.

He celebrated it by playing a nice relaxing round of golf in the afternoon
before having a nice family dinner with the family.
Haven't gotten him anything yet, but I think there was that subtle hint in between the main course and desert that he wanted an SLK 500 or something within those lines.

pic from

So yeah, either he was joking or he's gonna need to wait a few more years for me to (hopefully) get to that financial position.

I'll leave you with a quote a friend told me awhile back,

-Self proclaimed expert of providing the heebie-jeebies

p.s. Happy birthday Dad !

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Smoke, sound and light

Had a wonderful time at a friends birthday party last saturday.
Lots of smoke,
Lots of loud music and
Lots of blinding lights.
The usual things you get at these kind of places.
But it was all good, the company was great so the health threatning elements weren't much of a bother. Plus there were alot of chiques there too ^^

Had slight problems getting in initially,
But thanks to some influential people, we all got in in the end.
That is of course; not without the same old bullshite nonsense idiotic situation I have to go through everytime (well almost) theres an age limit to adhere.

Tall huge burly bouncer (THBB) : I.C. Please
Innocent old me (Cas) : Er .. here.
THBB : *checks I.C. picture and looks at Cas*
Cas : *gives ackward smile*
THBB : You are lying !
Cas : *gives WTF ?! look*
THBB : This is a fake and I know you're lying.

Cas : *tries to peek at the I.C. I just gave to see if it was actually mine*
THBB : *hold it up and away from sight*
THBB : Ok, whats your IC number ?
Cas : *gives "you've got to be kidding me" look*
THBB : *still holding IC close to him as if its the freaggin 6th grade exams*
Cas : effortlessly blurts out IC number with full confidence
THBB : Ok you may go. *Hands Cas's IC back*

Nice friend who handled transportation (J) : Wow, THAT doesnt happen everyday.
Cas : DUDE ! THAT never happened !

Besides the big hu ha at the entrance, everything else went well.
Met some old friends, wished made some new ones, saw the shuffle for the first time,

Nice friend who handled transportation (J) and the b'day boy.

Seriously, this was the only pic I saw fit to be posted up. (at least from the collection I was given)
PLUS there wasn't any pics of the b'day boy and me, apparently due to some focus issues.
Makes me wish I brought my own camera instead, so I won't complain ... much.

OH and the birthday boy got smashed.
LOL 90% evasion my foot : p

p.s. Happy birthday Yoong !

Friday, May 12, 2006

Withered away to nothingness

Yes, just a few hours ago my PC air filter decayed away to nothingness.
It just literally perished bit by bit into the drain.
I don't think i've seen anything like it (in real life).
Just like that, it decomposed as I touched it.
It's as if the dust had assimilated itself with the filter and simply took the filter with it as it went on its way (9 its ^^).

Well the incident all started when I decided to fix up my mom's old laptop.
Detesting the idea of using the touch pad, I took out the USB mouse that was attached to my PC and hooked it up to this little thing.

Yes, i'm currently blogging on this new found but actually really old laptop (doesn't even have in-built wifi).
Anyway, as I was patching this old thing up I realised that I needed a connection to the internet.
So again I took from my PC, this time it was the modem, its necessary wires AND the ethernet cable.
Being lazy and all I merely moved the keyboard away and placed the laptop close enough so I don't have to move anything else and just plug it all in.

Then I thought again,
Huh, there goes my downloads, at least for awhile.
Since I was going to leave my PC idle, I thought i'd give it a rest.

So I turned it off.

Happy with the gajillion spy wares and viruses that was eradicated, I started up my PC.
and lo and behold, a sound so creepy ...
Must be that time of the year again.

I opened up the front casing of my PC and there it was.
Dust and lots of it.
It was like a second layer blanketing the bottom front part of the PC like snow across a meadow field.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

You can pretty much guessed what happened from then on.

Something that was brought to my attention by a good friend of mine eTiMaGo;

Progress isn't made by early risers.
It's made by lazy men trying to find easier ways to do something.
-Robert Heinlein, Time Enough For Love.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Dance of the Sugar-Plum Fairy

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky's Dance of the Sugar-Plum Fairy

I don't know what it is about this number that gets me.
I kind of get a chill everytime I hear it after a long time.

Gives of the feeling of there's something really scary out there.
That a sight of it could very well paralyze me in fear,
but at the same time,
there's also something in the back of my mind that tells me that
the scary thing what ever it is,
is actually me.

pic from one of my old calvin and hobbes books I bought when I was a wee lad.

Kind of like comfort in fear, or fear in comfort.
Can't really tell right now.

So anyway, here is what i've gotten so far on trying to put to words of what the song is to me.
Note : Will probably add on to it later.

Like a devious thief lurking through the back alleys of a small town on a snowy night.
Making his way without a sound without a smell avoiding everyone's sight.

All the while not knowing that a mastermind in grey.
Waiting knowing and grinning about something no one can say.

Sitting in his antique recliner staring into the flames dancing to the air burning in a pact.
A thought so sweet yet so dark fluttering through one end of the room to the next.

More than a shadow more than an illusion created by the moonlight so pale.
Created by the flickering of the fire snapping and crackling away.
Thus the snow falls unwaveringly to the ground outside these windowed vale.
Swaying side to side endlessly like an eternity always resting and never astray.

- Lazy Guy
Tried to play it on my blog, but I can't seem to figure out how to play audio on a site.
I could do it if this was on a personal server where I can upload the song itself.
Anyway if you don't know which song i'm talking about you could get it here
or here
or here
or here

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Mission Impossible 3

Tened tene nena
tenet tena nena
tenet tene nena
tet teretet tet
Dum chak a dum chak a dum chack ...

Oh wait thats the theme to James Bond.

Jeng ge jeng ge jeng ge jeng gejengjeng,
jeng ge jeng ge jeng ge jeng gejengjeng,
Jeng ge jeng ge jeng ge jeng gejengjeng,
jeng ge jeng ge jeng ge jeng tenene!

Ah thats better.

Personal Unprofesional Rating (P.U.R.) : 3/5
Good logic and good acting but not a very good plot.
They could have done better with the story line.

Oh I found out something cool recently.
Well at least its cool to me that is.
If you google "Lazy Guy" you'll find a link to this blog as the 4th one.
Hahahah it was actually the 5th link when I first found out about it,
I tried it again today and it had already gone up to 4th.

~ yp4avm-dsrm4r ~