Monday, April 24, 2006

Before the night sky

The following are actual sms messages between Window Guy and Doughnut Guy;

The night falls red
Be nice beneath this

Red of the night isn't red of the moon
Cometh what might les later nor soon

Reprecussions of your done days of young
just might fork your tongue

We all have closets dark and gritty
facing our demons all bent and unlikely
Demons and angels were once one of the same
and you've no choice but to agree, that was just lame

Choices are illusions we use as shields
lame it was cause i've had no meals
The whole fiasco above is actually an encoded message of sorts the following is a rough translation of what was going on;

The NIGHT falls red
Be nice benEATh this
WG : Eh tonight wanna go yamcha ?

Red of the NIGHT isn't red of the moon
COMEth what might les LATER nor soon
DG : Tonight ah ? Erm, ok come pick me up abit later, i'm too lazy to drive.

Reprecussions of your "done days of young"
just might FORK YOUr tongue
WG : WTF?! Old man already ah, can't drive ? FcuK you !

we ALL have CLOSEts dark and gritty
facin'G O'ur demons all bent an'D UN'likely
DG : Eh chill la, all the yamcha places in your are are all closed by then. So if you don't like to drive then don't go.

demons and angels were once one of the same
and you've no choice but to agree, that was just LAME
WG : That's a lame reason not to drive -.-"

*Note: Up to this point, hunger and boredom has reached a certain limit so messages now are less "encrypted" and are pretty much straight forward.

choices are illusions we use as shields
lame it was cause i've had NO MEALS
DG : Yeah la, I know. That's because i'm hungry.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Not as smart as I thought

I am appalled !

Being bored at wee hours in the morning, I decided to take an IQ test.
Scored a 110 - Above average.

Took the another IQ test on another site.
Scored a 106 - Above average ... AGAIN !

Figuring 3rd times the charm I went to another site and tried its IQ test
and scored a 116 - 1 point above "above average" ... WTF !

Obviously the time I have been spending dwindling unproductively in front of the computer has rot my brain to some extent.
Maybe I need to watch a little more T.V.

drawing by Cas

Of course, these test were taken in the wee hours of the morning (i.e. 4am). So the next day I decided to try yet another IQ test. and ...

Wohoo ... quite happy albeit it being purely a logical test; but hey ignorance is bliss.

Honestly, I didn't want to post the websites at first, fearing that YOU people might actually try it and might actually score higher, but then again who am I to quell the opportunity of a challenge.

So if you do (and probably will) beat my score,


and to show my appreciation (for those who did beat my score), below is ...

Sunday, April 09, 2006

I look like WHO?

Went to a cousins wedding yesterday.
It was nice meeting up with the relatives I haven't seen in awhile.

One particular uncle made a comment on how I looked like Anthony Perkins.
Being one with extra-ordinary lack of knowledge in the entertainment industry, I didn't know who Anthony Perkins was.
(yes yes I know, i'm well prepared for the verbal bashing I'm gonna get from some of my cousins from the other side for not knowing who this guy is)

So I did what any respectable lazy Malaysian nephew would do,
smile, nod and accept it as a compliment.

And then did what any respectable IT savvy person would do,
Googled it !

ok back to the wedding ...

The groom looked smart.
The bride looked beautiful.
The wedding was very very nice, packed with all the frills and laces.

It looked really classy, so classy in fact that it got me thinking how much was spent on the wedding.
Then it dawned upon me,

How much is MY wedding gonna cost?

Oh man !

Then it hit me again,
Its not JUST the wedding, its also the house, the cars and probably even ..
Ok maybe those are the big ones that I can think of right now, but i'm pretty sure there are more.

ok back to my lack of knowledge ...

After a short research on my part, I found out that Anthony Perkins was an actor
and one of the more famous movies he acted in was in the original Psycho.

You know the scene some movies have where a person comes into the shower and stabs the person taking a shower then the shifts to a scene where blood is flowing down the drain accompanied by that eerie background music?

Well THAT scene was taken from Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho.

Anthony Perkins played Norman Bates, the serial killer in the movie.

After the wedding, I went home and took a much desired nap.
There is nothing much quite like a good nap after a tiring day.
Unfortunately A good friend of mine had to wake woke me up from my slumber and asked if I had any plans tonight.
One thing lead to another, and there I was, off my bed and outside, half dead and hanging out with my friends.

Bumped into a lot of people from high school which was also nice since I haven't seen some of them in ages.

Had barrels of fun, which made the night totally worth getting out of bed for.
But then again, that's the thing with this particular group of friends ...

Laughter is always in abundance.

~ siarbv-r8sorz ~

Sunday, April 02, 2006


Personal Unprofessional Rating : 4/5

Yes , go watch it. Don't let anyone of your friends tell you anything about the movie.
Just watch it.

Before the movie, bowled and broke a finger nail as if it mattered much.
BUT it did effect my game though.
Was kind of cool watching how they cleaned the alley.

1. Wet the lane with a piece of metal with mop kind of material around it attached to long tube , probably added wax as well, couldn't really tell

2. Dried the lane up with flat piece of metal covered with cloth attached to long tube which was probably made of metal as well. Its kind of like the thing you use to dry up the tennis court after a nice rainy day.

3. *The cool part* An unmanned flat piece of metal with WHEELS was placed at the beginning of the lane. This special piece of metal had a POWER CORD attached to it ! Yeah and this gave power to the unmanned piece of metal to move up AND down the lane for some purpose I have yet to find out. So this baby didn't just go one way, it swinged BOTH ways !

Before bowling there was lunch. Really enjoyed lunch, the recommended lamb I had at was very good and the company was even better. There were to choices of lamb in the menu, forgot what I took but it wasn't the Lamb Shoulder.

While waiting to be served, Michael Schumacher took a corner too fast and slammed into the wall. THAT almost took away my appetite.

T'was a very sad moment, till near the end of the race when Button's car just blew and drew to a halt just before the finishing line.

I went "wow", to endure the whole race only to stare down at that finishing line with your ass practically on fire, that must've been something. One can only imagine what was going through Button's mind at that moment.

I mean "wow" .... just "wow".

p.s. Happy Birthday Kev !

~ 8vfaj1-vasm9x ~