Sunday, April 09, 2006

I look like WHO?

Went to a cousins wedding yesterday.
It was nice meeting up with the relatives I haven't seen in awhile.

One particular uncle made a comment on how I looked like Anthony Perkins.
Being one with extra-ordinary lack of knowledge in the entertainment industry, I didn't know who Anthony Perkins was.
(yes yes I know, i'm well prepared for the verbal bashing I'm gonna get from some of my cousins from the other side for not knowing who this guy is)

So I did what any respectable lazy Malaysian nephew would do,
smile, nod and accept it as a compliment.

And then did what any respectable IT savvy person would do,
Googled it !

ok back to the wedding ...

The groom looked smart.
The bride looked beautiful.
The wedding was very very nice, packed with all the frills and laces.

It looked really classy, so classy in fact that it got me thinking how much was spent on the wedding.
Then it dawned upon me,

How much is MY wedding gonna cost?

Oh man !

Then it hit me again,
Its not JUST the wedding, its also the house, the cars and probably even ..
Ok maybe those are the big ones that I can think of right now, but i'm pretty sure there are more.

ok back to my lack of knowledge ...

After a short research on my part, I found out that Anthony Perkins was an actor
and one of the more famous movies he acted in was in the original Psycho.

You know the scene some movies have where a person comes into the shower and stabs the person taking a shower then the shifts to a scene where blood is flowing down the drain accompanied by that eerie background music?

Well THAT scene was taken from Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho.

Anthony Perkins played Norman Bates, the serial killer in the movie.

After the wedding, I went home and took a much desired nap.
There is nothing much quite like a good nap after a tiring day.
Unfortunately A good friend of mine had to wake woke me up from my slumber and asked if I had any plans tonight.
One thing lead to another, and there I was, off my bed and outside, half dead and hanging out with my friends.

Bumped into a lot of people from high school which was also nice since I haven't seen some of them in ages.

Had barrels of fun, which made the night totally worth getting out of bed for.
But then again, that's the thing with this particular group of friends ...

Laughter is always in abundance.

~ siarbv-r8sorz ~


midnightskies said...

lol!!! i didn't even know who Anthony Perkins was either until i read your blog!!! hahahaha!!! thanks for the help though on that day...

oh about the wedding...DAM* hot la that day! oh ya...i bet Thirah's wedding is gonna cost a lot more than you think yours would...heehee.. ="P

take care! much love, aimi

greencatslie said...

ah i didnt know who anthony perkins was either.. bashings (verbally or otherwise) will hv to wait then.. shucks. :(