Saturday, July 15, 2006

Small do at Lisa's

Lisa held a small gathering at her place,
mostly from our badminton group.

She had TONS of food, and man there was alot.

Almost didn't have space for desert ...
hehe but then again theres ALWAYS space for desert.

Chilled, ate, cracked ridiculous jokes (hehe), ate, discussed world economics (haha), ate summore.

All good, but the best part was when a few of us opened up Risk!.
Yeah Risk! - The Board Game !

Wohoo ... hahaha apparently someone said something like,

CC: Hey man lets play Risk!.
Man: What ? Who's there ?
AK: Aww man, that'd be so cool. Its been a long time since i've played it.
Man: Huh ? You talking to me?
AL: Man, that shit is going to take all night and the whole day tomorrow.
Man: WTF ?! Stop calling my name !
CC: No, no. It'll be shorter if we use mission cards.

AK: Oh yeah mission cards. Good idea.

*AK reached home at 4am in the morning ... or was it 5am.
I don't really remember.

Group Picture !

Not so group picture !

Oh yeah and playing Risk! ,
has reminded me of my life long plan to take over the world.
Wonder if its still not too late ...

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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Gathering at Rishy's

Rishy had a small gathering at his place.
Friends from college and work place.
His work place.
The MICROSOFT work place.
Meaning there were going to be MICROSOFT people.
Gonna be interesting.


SO yeah the party was awesome,
there was the 360,
huge arse LCD Monitor
and wicked sound system playing.

Microsoft XBox 360

Of course all that was in the living room ...
the front end of the house.
Where all the MICROSOFT people were hanging out.

In "the back" however, Bae brought over his MacBook.
Hahahaha kind of dangerous if you ask me ...
its like bringing a -will insert funny and witty metaphor in the near future ... maybe -

While in "the back",

Bae explains all the cool shite the MacBook could do,
Bae: Yeah it has this mechanism that detects if its falling.
AK: Yeah, yeah so that it'll stop the HD from crashing.
JC: oOOoh, lets test it!
AK: ...
Bae: Jimmy ... stay away from my Mac.

He then takes puts the Mac safely into the MacBook-bag.
JC: oOOoh,
Bae: No.
JC: that looks fireproof.
Bae: No, Jimmy.
JC: Lets test it !
Bae: No! ... well alright, maybe after I get a cooler looking one ^^

OH OH and brownies !
Oh man ...
they were almost "mystical" without it being actually "mystical",
t'was like magical without being mystical if you know what I mean.

Well i'm sure SOME of you do, hehehe. *nudge* *nudge*

Hey wait a tick ...
for all I know they could very well BE "mystical" brownies.
(don't worry sira, your brownies are still the best.)

Well in the end, I met some of the MICROSOFT people and
they turned out to be normal human beings after all ...
huh who would've thought.
Heck on of them even brought an IPod.

Had a good time in the end and met wonderful people.
Oh and got to play the XBox 360, hahaha which was hilarious.

Heheh I guess
its not the much of the game that matters much
but more of the people you play it with.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

World Cup Fun

picture from

*Note: This whole conversation took place while watching the 2006 World Cup match between England and Portugal.
**Note: everyone there knew that it was an ENGLAND vs PORTUGAL match.
***Note: don't really remember who said what, so the characters were assigned totally random letters.
****Note: Above is a picture of Wayne Rooney on Ricardo Carvalho.

Ke: Hahah look, that guys name is Simão.
(looks at the red jersey portugal player)
Hu: Hahaha See-ma-O.
Je: Whats that funny sign on the ã ?
Ke: Different pronounciation I guess.
Hu: Hahaha See-mae-O.

Hu: Woah that guy is tall.
(looks at the white jersey england player)
Ke: Hahah yeah, look at him loom over everyone.
AK: How tall is Crouch ah ?
Ch: 6 foot 7.
Pe: Haha Crouch is another funny name.

Se: So what does the G stand for ?
(looks at the white jersey england player)
Ch: Gary.
Se: Oh, so his full name is Gary Neville.
Ch: Yeah.

Se: So whats Tiago's full name ?
(looks at the red jersey portugal player)
Ch: THAT is a good question ... I don't know.
Se: But Tiago is his last name right ?
Ch: Should be.
Al: Actually it depends, where is Tiago from ?

Hehehe good times, good times.