Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Joyce's Get-Together.

Went to Joyce's get together a few days back.25/11/06
Had fun, met up with some old friends,
made some new ones and got to check out a new place.

Somo in Mont Kiara, (next to Coffee Bean)
which is apparently a Japanese Restaurant and Bar.
I saw the bar, but I didn't see the restaurant part.
The place was also kind of small.
All in all it had a nice ambiance to it.

p.s. Happy Birthday Roy!
p.s.s. Happy Birthday Ded!
p.s.s.s. Pics updated.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Casino Royale

Personal Unprofessional Rating : 5/5
Good story-line.
Good acting.
New bond has the walk and the talk , but unfortunately doesn't have the look.
Well thats my opinion.

All in all I enjoyed the movie.
Though I haven't seen all the bond films,
i'd say that Casino Royale is the best so far.

To quote a good friend of mine,
"Bond bad ass gile doh".

OH and how can I forget to mention Eva Green.
She's SOOOOO hot !

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Raya Open Houses

Been to a few raya open houses the past couple of weeks.
Not going to mention any names, cause then some of you might think
"Hey why didn't I get invited ?".
Now that I think of it I probably shouldn't even mention anything about it.

What I can say though is that Saturday was probably one of the worst nights i've had in awhile.

Since i've been especially busy these couple of weeks,
I guess it wasn't that surprising that something gave out.
In this case it was my stomach.

Waking up very early and getting back home very late
finally took a toll on me.

Now usually i'm able to stay up with very little sleep as long as I keep up with proper consumption of food and water.
Somewhere along the way I messed up my cycle of consumption and BAM it hit me.

*Caution, further material might be disgusting*

I puked my guts out. It was like the food that I ate did a 180 on me.
Everything in there had to go and it had to go NOW.
Puked so much and so fast that some of it went out through my nose.

So you can just imagine, trying to blow your nose and puke comes out
and you're constantly smelling puke.
Freaggin disgusting.

Undoubtedly one of the most uncomfortable moments of my life. Not painful, not miserable, not depressing, but uncomfortable.

*End of disgusting material*

I was pretty much T.K.O for remainder of the night and the whole of next day.
Didn't get much sleep cause I kept dreaming of puzzle that kept repeating itself.
It was like 2 teams with the same strength in a tug-of-war,
pulling against each other but not getting anywhere,
so I couldn't really solve the puzzle cause it went in circles,
and it was driving me nuts,

but thankfully after countless hours of waking up in the middle of the morning,
I somehow managed to come up with a way to solve that particular enigma.
or did I? Whatever it is, at least I found my peace.

p.s. Happy Birthday Mei Yan !

Friday, November 17, 2006

Lamka : Wants up on a Time

Once upon a time;
in a macrocosm not far away;
in a time of uncertainty and turmoil;
lived a young boy.

On the outside; this young boy was like any other.
He had a head upon its shoulder to think and perceive;
2 arms to create and destroy;
2 legs to traverse and scour the lands;
and a body that encased his heart and banded all these parts together.

On the inside however; this boy was one of a kind.
It wasn't that he was born with it.
It wasn't that it was forced upon him.
It was what he accepted to be in the end.

This is the story of how he became what he accepted to be ...

p.s. Happy Birthday Ching Leng !

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Lamka and the swimming hero

Last night, in the land known as Zingapohr, an incident took place at a river near where Lamka was adventuring.

What happened was some idiot was trying to show off and declared that he would swim across the Not-so-Great River which spanned roughly a hundred kilometers.
He jumped in and started swimming,
But before he could reach the halfway mark, he started to panic and started to shout for help.

Being typical Zingapohrians, a crowd started to gather to watch and yet no attempt was made by anybody to save that poor chap.

Suddenly there was a splash and the crowd turned to see a guy doing what seemed like a desperate attempt to reach the drowning victim.

BUT it was clear that this hero couldn't swim !

Luckily a small tourist boat filled with tourists was passing by and the operator saw the incident and picked both men from the water.

The crowd soon cheered !

Back on shore, the crowd cheered again as the hero stepped off the boat.

"Steady Lah !"


"Awright, man !"

were among the many congratulations shouted.

The hero looked angry and shouted,

"Ka ni na! Siang too wa loh chui?"
(*translation: "%#@! Who pushed me into the water?")

Heheh read this from somewhere can't really remember.

p.s. Happy Birthday Mervyn !

Monday, November 13, 2006

Huey Yee's Birthday Dinner

Had a birthday dinner gathering at The Magical Theater Restaurant in Sunway.

The place was nice, quite well decorated.
The tables were marked by cards from a deck.
We had the privilege of sitting at the Ace of Spades table : )

Most of the guys and birthday girl.

Most of the girls.

The group.

So after the cake cutting and present .. er ... presenting.
AND after everyone had already eaten their cakes,
we hit a small snag in a what have been a smooth evening.
There was only one piece of cake left !
After a wonderful dinner AND a piece of cake, none of us wanted to finish off the last piece.
*though I did suspect that Mr. J secretly wanted it.

So without any hesitation, CC proposed that we play a game to settle this problem.
Now, this is the same CC which proposed the Risk game a couple of months back.

The game was quite simple.
Everyone was to show a number between 0 to 5 with their hands.
The numbers were sum-ed up and beginning from the birthday girl
a counter would start clockwise around the table till it reached that number.
Now the unlucky person to have that number land on him/her would have to swallow the cake in one go.

Lucky guy.

Anyway, there we were about ready to leave, and thinking the only 'magical' thing that night was BY's cake disappearing trick, when suddenly a guy in a coat comes up to the table.

Ah, so there was a magician in the house.
Now after watching The Prestige awhile back, I was actually intrigued and was looking forward to see if I can figure out the tricks.

The first trick if I remembered correctly was the balls trick.
Basically transporting the ball in his hand to the hand of the audience.
I could theorize how he did the pledge and the prestige but I wasn't able to figure out the turn of this trick.

Magician : Now hold my balls tightly, ah, not too tight.

Magician : Tada ! My balls ... my red balls.

Then there was the "pull your card out of the deck" trick.
You know the the "choose a card any card" trick.
I was picked as the card picker,
I believe I was picked because I made such a racket trying to figure out the trick.
I mean seriously, I was behaving like a child.
Well at least I think I was.
So I think the magician let me pick the card to shut me up.
Which kind of worked ... for awhile.

See ! Its the 10 of diamonds. I'm so glad I can count that high.

For this trick, I figured you need really really fast hands.
He even did the "float your card to the top of the deck" trick which was pretty cool.

On a side note, I have to say that that night was officially my "Chicken-wuss moment #2".
Why ? Oh the same reasons as always.
OMG she was so darn CUTE!
The bad thing about this time is that i'm not so worked up about it.
Which I don't think is such a good thing.
She was really really really cute !
All in all I had a really good time and would like to thank the people who arranged such a wonderful evening.

p.s. Happy Birthday Huey Yee !

Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Prestige

Personal Unprofessional Rating : 5/5
Good story-line.
Good acting.
Love the plot twists, though they could've done it a little better.
But then again a little better and it would probably be overkill for most people.

Went home with an uneasy feeling after watching the show,
literally had that uneasy feeling at the pit of my stomach.

p.s. Happy Birthday Michelle !

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Purdey's Birthday Dinner

Had a birthday dinner gathering at Purdey's House. (30/10/2006)


It was cool, manage to catch up with many friends whom of which I haven't seen for awhile.
We had huge rombongan/tour guide around the house
and I have to say that SOMEONES room is PINK !
and there were plushie toys !

p.s. Happy Birthday Purdey!