Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Melissa Theuriau

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Better than the next person

I just realised something recently.
This was while doing a survey, rating a close friend of mine on his/her personality.

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As I was sifting through the ratings other people have done I noticed that it differed quite considerably from the one I had given.
I even strongly disagreed with some of the traits that were bestowed on him/her.

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Then it hit me.
My rating of him/her is based on my personal experience.
I used what I percieved as normal to compare and contrast.
Though he/she might seem like the devil to one person, he/she might very well be a saint to another.

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For example, a person who you'd call a pervert would only mean that he/she is more of a pervert than you are, in your own perspective.
The next guy/gal who comes along might view the aforementioned pervert as a totally normal person.

note : The following, in italic, are rantings of a pissed of gamer.

Now that I think about it, this is probably why I get easily irritated by people who brag about having 1337 skillz and end up DYING like a gazillion times doing DUMB things that aren't necessary in the first place.
(solo-ing abnormally humongous monstrosities in a team game and failing, isn't cool nor is it "1337", its just damn dumb)

Cause if you say you're good/pro/gosu/1337 and I happen to be in the same chat room/channel/board, it means that you're saying you're better than I am.
I dont mind if you turn out to be a pro, but if it doesnt turn out that way, then it's just insulting.

With that being said, i'm not one to go bonkers everytime someone says he/she is good, I for one, can tell when a friend is merely joking. In fact I welcome the friendly banter between players, just to spice things up abit. All in the name of good fun of course.

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Monday, March 06, 2006


What is laziness ?

I believe laziness comes from the lack of motivation.
Some might say that its the lack of discipline that makes one lazy.

Though both can be accepted , I believe that it is more accurate to define laziness as
the lack of motivation.
At least in my perspective.

Cause the way I see it, you can't become un-lazy by being disciplined.
Sure the person might convey un-laziness after being disciplined,
but that's just because he/she was cultured/trained/controlled to comply to
a specific character or pattern of behavior.

To me, it is the motivation that breaks this habit.
I believe that a person with the greatest of motivations will supersede a person with the greatest of discipline.

So, if there was a battle to the death between a motivated Ninja and a disciplined Ninja,
the motivated Ninja would win.
Now that I think of it, being a Ninja is all about the discipline, so scratch that last example.

If there was a battle to the death between a motivated glucose molecule and a disciplined glucose molecule, then why would they be fighting in the first place?

Well the point I'm trying to make may be loosely translated with the following quote;

"No one is willing to die for a vision. People will die for a cause."
-Mr. Menardo "Butch" Jimenez, UP Diliman Commencement Speech April 27, 2003

BUT being lazy isn't all that bad.
For one, it promotes efficiency.
For instance, a lazy person would think of the cheapest, easiest, fastest and least amount of energy taken alternative way to achieve a certain goal.
Thats why we have the remote control.
Because someone was too lazy to get up and change the channels.
Thats why we have the microwave.
Because someone was too lazy to pre-heat the oven or light the stove to heat/cook their food.
Thats why we have bottled water.
Because someone was too lazy to go up the hill and fetch a pail of water
or maybe they did go up the hill but ended up tumbling after. *sniggers*
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