Saturday, September 30, 2006

Chicken-wuss moment 1

I should really freaggin' listen to that little voice inside my head and stop playing it safe.

Blew a perfectly well placed chance.

Things don't get much more "indirectly and subtly" clearer than that.
CERTIFIED chicken-wuss !

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Lamka and the Ran People

Once upon a time there was a little boy named Lamka.
He lived in city called PyJamas in a planet called Mya.

So one day Lamka and his grandfather decided to start a trade bazaar in the capital city of his planet called Kelle.
Lamka and his grandfather enlisted a scholar that was travelling by to help out at this bazaar.
The scholars task which was to inform nearby villages about the bazaar failed miserably.
On top of that, the scholar associated himself with a badly reputed poet which made other poets boy cott the bazaar.

Even though there were many upsets during the bazaar, the overall outcome was quite well.
Because in this trade bazaar, Lamka met a few strange aliens from another planet.
These aliens seemed to be of an advanced race.
Their ability in construction is ahead of any that Lamka have seen.
Upon further discussion Lamka found out that the Ran people have come to his planet bringing a new medical breakthrough drug and would like to share it with the people of Lamka's planet.
Knowing very well that Lamka's planet has been plagued by this uncurable disease, he set out to help the Ran people meet various key people of his planet.

The problem however, was that the Ran people could not survive long in Lamka's planet. This is due to the different atmosphere that the Ran people are accustomed to.
So it was basically a race against time.
Firstly Lamka brought the Ran people to meet the ex-Supreme Ruler of the World to seek advice on how to go about doing things and partly to pay respects, you know being in another persons planet you should have the courtesy of saying hello.
The very short notice meeting was only possible because Lamka's grandfather and the ex-Supreme Ruler of the World are good friends.

The next morning Lamka's grandfather was kind enough to introduce the Ran people to the head Shaman of the world whom ministers to the health needs of the people of this planet.
Soon after that meeting, Lamka brought the Ran people to see the mayor of Lamka's city.
The Mayor of PyJamas was a very friendly guy, spent some time with the Ran people disscussing the weather, eating habits and comparing political structures of the 2 planets.
Later in the evening Lamka brought the Ran People to see the Mayor of Mya's capital city, the city of Kelle.
Now as expected, the Mayor of Kelle was very busy, and the Ran people only had time for a courtesy call. In the short session, the Mayor of Kelle was kind enough to refer the Ran people to his head of departments whom might have more time to thoroughly listen to what the Ran people has to offer.

As the day ended, so did the Ran people's stay in Mya.
Though they part ways for now, many key people of Mya are aware of Rans medicine and the Ran people will still keep in touch with the people of Mya through spacE-mail.
Hopefully there will come a day where the Ran people will be able to share their knowledge and experience with the people of Mya and vice versa.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Tech Ed 2006

So yeah, there I was in KLCC (KL Convention Centre) volunteering for MS's Tech Ed 2006.

It was surprisingly fun, the event I was in-charge off (in other words "kuli"-ing for) was called True-to-Life Halo.
So you get some toy guns and helmets and shoot eachother.
Its basically like paintball but without the paint ... and the pain.

The highlight of the event (to me) would have to be Daphne Iking.
Daphne who you say ?
Well she's a Malaysian Actress very hot Malaysian Actress.
NTv7's Breakfast Show and KL Lights, I think.
*side note : she's getting married next year.So that means she's engaged.

After all the dirty work, the crew gathered in the grand ballroom and chilled.
We got to play Halo on a local area network of erm ... 40 PC's I think.
Didn't exactly kick @$$ in the game, got 3rd placing on average but then again Halo isn't a game I play often or at all.

Since the "specially reserved room" for our stuff (bags and shite) were locked, during most of the whole event, pictures were only taken after most of the events were done.

Pics courtesy of SmashpOp

p.s. I need a haircut.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

S'kali - The Movie

Release Date:
14th of September 2006

Cineleisure Damansara (Cathay Cineplex Damansara)

Running Time:
90 mins

Arivind Abraham

Produced by :
Asa’ad Entertainment (Executive Producers) &
Perantauan Pictures (Associate Producers)


Five friends who are about to graduate from secondary school confront obstacles in love, life and friendship.
A coming-of-age story that relates the various Malaysian experiences, touching upon contemporary socio-political issues faced by the young in Kuala Lumpur.

Ok, so lets have a
"rombongan bersama-sama menonton wayang"
sometime next week when it comes out.

From what I gathered, the venue will let the movie run like a normal film at normal price, for two weeks.
Pending on the response, they might extend the it for a few more weeks.

p.s. Happy Birthday Natasha.