Monday, June 11, 2007

CC's Sis's Wedding

Second Chinese wedding,
but the first one with my name specifically on the invitation list ^^

Favourite dish : oOOoh Chinese Pancake like thingy that isn't pancake in the form of small fruits.
Favourite song : None
Favourite moment : Got to meet up with ALOT of old high school teachers.

Highly appreciate being invited to such a swank wedding ceremony.

The funny thing though, the more weddings I go to,
the less worried I am about getting hitched.

The "worries" I had before are blurring out and seem so far,
its as if a cloak of serenity had enveloped me,

its probably because i'm still single !
(yea ok I burned myself there abit.)

p.s. Congratulations CC's Sister !

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